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Thread: AlphaZero, general reinforcement learning algorithm, Google DeepMind, London, United Kingdom

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    AlphaZero's attacking chess

    Premiered Dec 6, 2018

    Google's DeepMind has just released a new academic paper on AlphaZero -- the general purpose artificial intelligence system that mastered chess through self-play and went on to defeat the world champion of chess engines, Stockfish. In this video chess International Master Anna Rudolf takes a look at a never-before-seen game from a match played in January 2018, and discusses how the playing style and attacking chess of AlphaZero compare to computers and humans.

    The game I selected is part of the 20-game collection me and other chess broadcasters received before the release of the PGN.

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    AlphaZero: Shedding new light on the grand games of chess, shogi and Go

    Published on Dec 6, 2018

    DeepMind's AlphaZero is the successor of AlphaGo, the first computer program to beat a world champion at the ancient game of Go. It taught itself from scratch how to master the games of chess, shogi and Go, beating a world-champion program in each case and discovering new and creative playing strategies that hint at the potential of these systems to tackle other complex problems.
    Article "AlphaZero Crushes Stockfish In New 1,000-Game Match"

    by pete
    December 6, 2018

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    Visiting the DeepMind Headquarters: My AlphaZero Challenge

    Published on Dec 20, 2018

    DeepMind's AlphaZero shook the chess world in December 2017 by mastering the game from scratch: after only 4 hours of self-play the AI system was capable of beating the strongest chess computer, Stockfish, in a 100-game match. A year later DeepMind released a full evaluation of AlphaZero in the journal Science -- occasion on which chess International Master Anna Rudolf visits the DeepMind headquarters to figure out more about the "AlphaZero effect". The survey she conducted at the London Chess Classic, a super tournament held a floor above DeepMind's offices at Google, presents the opinion of renowned figures of the chess community on the AI system. The twist? Each interviewee was limited by Anna's challenge: Describe AlphaZero in one sentence.

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    AlphaZero: DeepMind’s AI works smarter, not harder

    Published on Feb 26, 2019

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    Chess Grandmasters on Google Deepmind AlphaZero || Artificial Intelligence in Chess

    Jul 5, 2020

    Chess grandmasters share their opinion on Google Deepmind AlphaZero in chess.

    The chess masters Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (MVL), Jan Gustafsson, Alexei Shirov, Sergei Movsesian and Andreas Heimann talk about the AlphaZero vs Stockfish match and discuss the impact of AI in chess.

    In the end of 2017 AlphaZero has beaten the chess engine Stockfish. This was the first time that a chess artificial intelligence based on Reinforcement Learning could beat the strongest chess engine.

    0:00 - AlphaZero vs Stockfish
    5:38 - Garri Kasparov vs Deep Blue 1997

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