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Thread: AlphaZero, general reinforcement learning algorithm, Google DeepMind, London, United Kingdom

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    AlphaZero's attacking chess

    Premiered Dec 6, 2018

    Google's DeepMind has just released a new academic paper on AlphaZero -- the general purpose artificial intelligence system that mastered chess through self-play and went on to defeat the world champion of chess engines, Stockfish. In this video chess International Master Anna Rudolf takes a look at a never-before-seen game from a match played in January 2018, and discusses how the playing style and attacking chess of AlphaZero compare to computers and humans.

    The game I selected is part of the 20-game collection me and other chess broadcasters received before the release of the PGN.

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    Visiting the DeepMind Headquarters: My AlphaZero Challenge

    Published on Dec 20, 2018

    DeepMind's AlphaZero shook the chess world in December 2017 by mastering the game from scratch: after only 4 hours of self-play the AI system was capable of beating the strongest chess computer, Stockfish, in a 100-game match. A year later DeepMind released a full evaluation of AlphaZero in the journal Science -- occasion on which chess International Master Anna Rudolf visits the DeepMind headquarters to figure out more about the "AlphaZero effect". The survey she conducted at the London Chess Classic, a super tournament held a floor above DeepMind's offices at Google, presents the opinion of renowned figures of the chess community on the AI system. The twist? Each interviewee was limited by Anna's challenge: Describe AlphaZero in one sentence.

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