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Thread: "How to build a robot" project, Rusty Squid Ltd, Bristol, United Kingdom

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    "How to build a robot" project, Rusty Squid Ltd, Bristol, United Kingdom

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    How we build a robot

    Published on Nov 29, 2017

    Rusty Squid Robotic Design Principles: The evolution of robotics is too important to leave in the hands of the engineers alone.

    Design practice and thinking are simply not done in robotics labs around the world. Large sums of cash are spent on very expensive robotics and the first time the engineers see how the public react is when the robots are complete... and they wonder why the robots aren't being welcomed with open arms.

    Our robotic art and design laboratory has gone back to first principles and created a robust design process that draws on the traditions of puppetry, animatronics and experience design to build rich and meaningful robots.

    Rusty Squid is hijacking robotic technology as a form of human expression rather than a tool. The medium is sensors, algorithms, kinetic and intelligent systems with the traditions of puppetry, and handcrafted material.

    We suspect that a flood of technological breakthroughs, pioneering applications and new business models will erupt when art, engineering and design collide. It will be studios that effectively integrate these disciplines, and studios that will lead the way to plant the seeds for entirely new industries.

    Rusty Squid is featured as part of Channel 4's Rise of the Robots season in an episode called How to Build a Robot. This short film is a reply to narrative-driven Channel 4 Documentary.

    'How To Build A Robot', a documentary following Rusty Squids robotic design process, is now available to stream throughout December on All4.

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