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Thread: Rinspeed Snap, vehicle-sized “skateboard”, Rinspeed AG, Zumikon, Switzerland

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    Rinspeed Snap, vehicle-sized “skateboard”, Rinspeed AG, Zumikon, Switzerland

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    Rinspeed Snap

    Published on Dec 13, 2017

    Gentex Corporation provided key technologies for the latest concept vehicle from automotive think tank and car design powerhouse Rinspeed, which for nearly 40 years has churned out designs intended to inspire the transportation industry and promote future mobility systems.

    Rinspeed’s latest, called Snap, would allow users to summon a vehicle-sized “skateboard” that would dock with personalized passenger “pods” and autonomously drive them to work, shopping, camping, or anywhere they wanted to go.

    For Snap, Gentex provided unique biometric passenger authentication modules, vehicle-to-home automation control, and dimmable glass sensor shrouds.

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    Rinspeed's Snap! 2018 Car powered by NXP

    Published on Jan 31, 2018

    Snap! is Rinspeed’s latest concept car that uses NXP Smart Antenna technology and BlueBox autonomous development platform. Unveiled at CES, Snap! tackles the efficiency and lifecycle problem of hardware components. Its high-wear chassis (“skateboard“) can separate from the exchangeable, flexible passenger cell (“pod”). It’s an entirely new take on ecosystem.

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