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    About Dermatology (Dr. Neda Mehr, MD)

    Published on Jun 27, 2015

    Are you considering a career in Medicine/Dermatology? Dr. Neda Mehr shares her candid insights about her path to becoming a physician. Dr. Mehr discusses what she loves about being a dermatologist; the challenges of owning her own private practice; the truth about a physician's lifestyle and much more.

    In this segment about the field of dermatology, you'll hear about what types of skin ailments dermatologists treat - from mole checks and removals, acne and pimples, warts, rashes, and even in some cases, STDs. Dr. Mehr also dispels some common misconceptions of being a dermatologist (they are not just pimple poppers or botox procedures!) and what are the personality traits necessary to be a great dermatologist.

    Segment 1: Overview
    Segment 2: About Dermatology
    Segment 3: Education And Training (Part 1)
    Segment 4: Education And Training (Part 1)
    Segment 5: Practicing Medicine - Being A Dermatologist
    Segment 6: Lifestyle
    Segment 7: The Industry Today
    Segment 8: Final Thoughts and Words of Wisdom

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    Article "AI Beats Dermatologists in Diagnosing Nail Fungus"
    Deep learning algorithms beat 42 dermatology experts at diagnosing nail fungus infections

    by Jeremy Hsu
    February 26, 2018

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    The science of skin - Emma Bryce

    Published on Mar 12, 2018

    Between you and the rest of the world lies an interface that makes up 16% of your physical weight. This is your skin, the largest organ in your body: laid out flat, it would cover close to 1.7 square metres of ground. But besides keeping your organs in, what is its purpose? Emma Bryce takes us into the integumentary system to find out.

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    Article "Dermatologists hate him! Meet the skin-cancer detecting robot"
    A new study shows they’re better at it than humans.

    May 29, 2018

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