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This is Soundmatters. We have been researching and developing high performance, ultra-compact, innovative and portable loudspeaker for over 30 years. We recently participated in designing a speaker, and we'd like to hear what you think about it!UPstage 360 is an omnidirectional, Hi-Res, tri-amped smart speaker with 40-40kHz frequency performance and it accepts smart docking with Echo Dot. Two UPstage 360 can be configured as stereo channels. You can see more details (including professional electroacoustic measurement results) on our project page
We believe everyone wants to have a good audio experience, but not many people can have a proper listening room, the space, or the budget for a whole set of speakers. We designed this all-in-one home speaker, hoping to bring great sound into more people's life. We know there are many great systems posted here every day, and we appreciate the dynamics. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve and keep bringing quality sound to people.

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1. Omnidirectional Hi-Res, tri-amped smart speaker

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