I am curious about people’s opinions on video games. I played a lot of video games as a kid but then I went through a period of over 10 years where I didn’t play video games at all. Then I got a job at Nintendo. I was able to hold out for a couple of years but eventually being around video games and people who play and talk about video games all day wore me down and I have been getting back into them again.I am curious how many people on here play video games? Also, do you think they are beneficial, harmful, neither, both?I have done a bit of “research” by which I mean a couple of quick Google searches and I have found some studies that suggested that surgeons who play video games a few times a week make fewer mistakes. And I found a video where someone claimed that online video games outperform Prozac in treating depression and anxiety. I could not find any actual study that supported those claims so it might be BS but I am curious what everyone thinks?

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