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    Empires Online 1511

    Empires Online - The first strategy game for free and online, supporting thousands of players join 1 time ...

    If you are passionate about the game Age Of Empire (AOE - also known as Empire), a game was too famous and popular by Microsoft, you will not be able to ignore this game. You will participate in the game as one young king, responsible building powerful country, development of military power to resist attacks from outside and territorial expansion . All competitors in Empire Online II is capable and certain ambitions, depending on the time and his forces, you may decide to ally with 1 someone or vice versa, territorial conquest territory of the other kings.

    Game with multiple modes, choice, character systems, the nations with the advantages and disadvantages of different. System of game time is calculated in real time, so you may take several weeks to several months to be able to build one empire as you like, and take several days to Army collected, along with fighters with superior strength as angels, dragons, giant devil or Titan will help you in the heat of battle.

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    Life in Empires Online will continue even if you exit the game, the soldiers continued to fight, our farms produce food ... Surrender, fight or be killed? You will not have any other choice!

    Just as the scenario of old AOE game, players must choose any one nation to start, grow from number 0, from what most primitive, after the food is stored and produce the world People next generation, you will have the opportunity to upgrade their empire by 4 main resources include silver, fruit, stone and wood. If you want to increase the yield, you must continue to upgrade the facilities to the next level, such as Silver Mine, Farm, Field Stone and Lumber. Whenever you are attacked and defeated, all your resources may decline to 50%. An integral part of each nation's technology, if not hard to invest and grow, you will quickly be overtaken its neighbors.

    On the military side, the ordinary soldier unit (Soldiers) will have the following skills: Damage, Re-Attack Damage, Life points, Speed, Attack Skill, Defense Skill. Depending on ethnicity, ability to upgrade and equip the technical parameters will change. And the most advanced unit in the army as generals (Heroes), a leader of the army, with power parameters such as Attack Skill, Defense Skill, Speed, Magic Power, Experiences, and Talent Levels.

    Requirements: DirextX8.0 or higher

    Empire's green strategy games where goods are extremely popular people especially the young, closer game simulated game AOE a tactical illustrious as attractive and create high appeal for players , game empire is a miniature green AOE game, from how to build a house, ask people, you will need to purchase military base calculation ke actually accurate to be able to achieve the highest efficiency. The task of the player in the game is to build yourself a very solid territory, both economically and militarily and conquer neighboring lands. Those gaming empire swept AOE tactics sipped by connection type of game, but not adapted to the speed, the possibility of military control, the operation of the game you can go to the game with still green empire fighting style tactical charismatic, the screen combat operations dramatic without making you feel smother, headache about time, go to the green empire to be able to play games and relax. Empire Blue is a strategy game taking high intellectual development so if player first player to get used several times, the operators need to build orderly, rational exploitation, balancing the amount of resources to be Adjustable military. But who knew how to play the basic game then that will make you want to explore further and conquer everything hidden in the game. And to build a stronger territory, both economically and militarily is not simple because the players have to build a new house made ??of wood, the wood, build a house for food, the food are included, as well as soldiers, party Also note that players must balance resource of true logic because there are some forces require enough of this resource category. You can exercise more tactical games like Empire online game in order to play better for tea, or you can download the game for free green empire of machines for training.

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