Hi everyone!

I'm selling the following .ai domains: lol.ai, dj.ai, kamp.ai and uni.ai

Kampai is the most common English/Latin transliteration of the Japanese word for "Cheers". Hence, kamp.ai is an amazing fit for Japanese drinks companies or Japanese businesses in the nightlife space. It's even very well known internationally because of the wide-ranging popularity of Japanese culture all over the world.

uni.ai is a great fit for core technology projects (uni could here stand for universal or uniform) or for educational companies in the AI space, a rapidly growing industry that is expected to grow in size to more than $100bn in the next 10 years.

dj.ai, as the name suggests is a perfect name for projects combining artificial intelligence with music, for example for playlist creation, automated mixing or music production. A perfect fit for a variety of music start-ups or companies with music-related offerings, like Spotify, Shazam, Google or Apple.

lol.ai is simply a cool name that lends itself for a variety of projects. It is instantly recognisable and very memorable. Just imagine all the possible companies who'd love to own a domain like this.

My offer for the combined package of all four domains is £15,000 (or equivalent). You can also send me an offer, if you would like to purchase a subset of these domains. I accept payment in USD, EUR and GBP via PayPal or in any major crypto currency (LTC preferred). I can issue an invoice for the domain purchase.

All the best!