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Thread: Creating a social media app

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    Creating a social media app

    I hope i put in the right section
    I'm planing to create a social media related app and gathering any data of doing it. Do you have any reliable tips for it?

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    I've seen quite a good article recently.
    Here's it The process described in detail here.

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    Hey man. It should go without a mention that your sm should be extremely competitive and in many ways innovational to beat rivals in your niche.
    My experience tells me that you should focus on design and hire true professionals for that.

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    Here's a simple guide with some great tips
    And you know, it's really hard to create a new competitive app. So good luck!

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    If you want to find your way on making a social media app then here is your first step. This video will help you in the understanding of all the basics you need

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