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    Intellectual mobility: create the software to design your hardware | Carson Smuts | TEDxBellville

    Published on Oct 19, 2015

    Carson Smuts talks about intellectual mobility at a 2015 TEDx event in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Carson Smuts is a South African designer and award-winning architect living between New York, Boston and Cape Town.

    He works as Research Scientist at MIT’s MediaLab, Boston.

    He is also an Architectural Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, New York and Self-Employed Designer at /

    He works mainly in the areas of:

    Design - Research and development of new architectural and urban software and hardware.
    Mobility - Conceptualization and Development of mobility systems for urban networks.
    Programming, Embedded systems, Scripting, Data Visualization, Architectural 3D interactive media

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Социальные закладки

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