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Thread: Musica Automata, Leonardo Barbadoro, Italy

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    Leonardo Barbadoro - Musica Automata - Kickstarter video

    Published on May 21, 2018

    Musica Automata is a name of an upcoming album by Leonardo Barbadoro, an Italian electronic music producer and electroacoustic music composer from Florence known also under the alias Koolmorf Widesen. The album will include music for robots controlled from a laptop computer.

    These robots are more than 50 acoustic instruments (piano, organs, wind instruments, percussions etc) which are part of the Logos Foundation in Gent (Belgium). They receive digital MIDI messages that contain precise informations for their performance.

    Musica Automata is a project by Leonardo Barbadoro.
    Shooting: Luca Cingolani (Elephant Studio) and Simone Cinelli.
    Video Editing: Cesare Bignotti (EVES)
    Music: Leonardo Barbadoro
    Coproduced by Giovanni De Gara (Benzoplanet)

    Thanks to Logos Foundation

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    Article "Musica Automata"

    by Leonardo Barbadoro
    July 1, 2018

Социальные закладки

Социальные закладки

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