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Thread: Vector, home robot, Dream Labs, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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    ANKI VECTOR ROBOT Review, Version 1.1 Update - See Vector In Action!

    Published on Nov 16, 2018

    Anki Vector Robot Review. We are super excited to review Vector. We have done a number of videos on COZMO and now we meet the smarter, always-on robot - Vector.

    A big thank you to Anki for supplying Vector for the review.

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    VECTOR weds ALEXA - Update Robot Showcase!

    Published on Dec 19, 2018

    Today we check out the new update by Anki as Alexa is integrated into Vector! This unique feature allows you to have access to Alexa and still enjoy Vector. This is a huge step for the robot and hopefully we see more to come!

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    Vector unboxing Cozmo comparison

    Published on Mar 22, 2019

    In this video we start a new video series which will revolve around Deep learning (thanks for the amazing support you gave to the youtube poll asking this ).
    We will use Vector robot from ANKI as platform to execute our own projects, due to its ease of use and robustness. Its also a very cheap robot for the amazing spech you get.
    We will unbox it and compare it with the OLD COZMO. Stay to the end because we have recorded some nice Vector with COZMO play.

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    Vector 2.0 production assembly

    May 26, 2021

    It's all coming together (Vector 2.0, that is)! Share in our excitement when you watch one of our technicians show off how easy it is to reassemble Vector 2.0 with its new battery compartment.

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