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Thread: BOLT, app-enabled robotic ball, Sphero, Inc., Boulder, Colorado, USA

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    BOLT, app-enabled robotic ball, Sphero, Inc., Boulder, Colorado, USA

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    This is Sphero BOLT

    Published on Sep 9, 2018

    With a striking 8x8 LED matrix and advanced sensors, the Sphero BOLT™ app-enabled robot provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. Plus it’s easy on the eyes. Go #BeyondCode with our most advanced (and most flashy) bot yet.

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    Unboxing & lets play - Bolt - by Sphero - Full review! Robotic ball!

    Published on Sep 17, 2018

    Today we test out the brand new BOLT robot by Sphero and see whats in this $150 high tech robotic droid ball ! This is a state of the art robot that has a lot of bells and whistles, so lets see if it holds up to its name!

    Thanks for watching!

    Sphero BOLT’s eye-catching, programmable 8x8 light matrix opens up an endless array of coding and gaming capabilities. Use advanced sensors to track speed, acceleration, and direction, or drive BOLT without having to aim your robot thanks to the compass. BOLT also features infrared communication, allowing your robot to “talk” with other BOLTs. Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant shell, this robot’s brawn matches its brilliance.

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    Sphero Bolt - You can code this crazy ball!

    Published on Jan 22, 2019

    The Sphero Bolt is a big step up from the Sphero Mini. The Bolt is mainly meant for coding and learning.

    The Sphero Bolt is a great toy for (older) kids who like to code and see what happens if they fill in certain moves on the app. It's pretty straight forward, all the actions are almost pre-installed, but that doesn't make it easy. You still need to think about the code, put a lot of things in in order to make it do something spectacular and you'll need to try and retry. Really, for kids who love this kind of stuff, it'll be great, but for kids who are only in it to drive around, I'd advise you get the Sphero Mini. It's cheaper and focusses on the playing aspect instead of the learning. You can find the Sphero Bolt here.

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