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Thread: Mochibot, 32-legged spherical robot, Japan

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    Mochibot, 32-legged spherical robot, Japan

    Keio University

    University of Tokyo

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    Continuous shape changing locomotion of 32-legged spherical robot

    Uploaded on Oct 10, 2018

    “Continuous Shape Changing Locomotion of 32-legged Spherical Robot,” by Hiroki Nozaki, Yusei Kujirai, Ryuma Niiyama, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Takuro Yonezawa, and Jin Nakazawa from Keio University and the University of Tokyo, was presented at IROS 2018 in Madrid, Spain.
    "32-Legged Spherical Robot Moves Like an Amoeba"
    Mochibot is out to prove that there's no such thing as too many legs

    by Evan Ackerman
    October 10, 2018

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