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Thread: TendedBar, automated alcoholic beverage dispensing system, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

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    What is TendedBar?

    Published on Jun 13, 2016

    TendedBar is an automated alcoholic beverage dispensing system that was designed to maximize profit with the touch of a button.

    BARS AND RESTAURANTS - If your server can ring in a cocktail on your Point of Sale (POS) then they can start pouring their own cocktails as well at the touch of a button.

    STADIUMS AND ARENAS - TendedBar was specifically designed to cater to high-volume venues, with the ability to serve a high quality cocktail in a matter of seconds.

    HOTELS - The hotel mini bar has been mini for far too long. TendedBar can replace the standard minibar station with its hospitality-based minibar system.

    RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS - Set your space apart! We custom design bars to fit into any space. TendedBar is perfect for entertaining or for fixing that nightly cocktail after work.

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    TendedBar - IndieGoGo
    October 30,2018

    Promotional Video Highlighting TendedBar and the benifits of it's automated bartending solution

Социальные закладки

Социальные закладки

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