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Thread: Wheelie, smart wheelchair, HOOBOX Robotics, Houston, Texas, USA

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    Wheelie, smart wheelchair, HOOBOX Robotics, Houston, Texas, USA

    Developer - HOOBOX Robotics

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    HOOBOX Wheelie 7

    Published on Nov 22, 2018

    The Wheelie features the most precise facial recognition software designed for health applications. It only takes 7 minutes to be installed in any motorized wheelchair available in the market. 10+ facial expressions are available for controlling a wheelchair.

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    Intel Artificial Intelligence Tech helps users maneuver wheelchairs

    Published on Dec 3, 2018

    Mobility is often enabled through caregivers or through a motorized wheelchair with complex sensors placed on the body that require special education to operate. Instead of invasive body sensors, HOOBOX Robotics' Wheelie 7 uses a 3D Intel RealSense Depth Camera SR300 mounted on the wheelchair to stream data that AI algorithms process in real time to control the chair.

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