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Thread: How is TPE toys spice up your life?

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    How is TPE toys spice up your life?

    TPE toys can be used as a sexual partner with a functional genitalia consisting of silica gel, gel, latex and silicone. TPE real dolls have even imitate the vagina or anus mouth gap. In addition, if you like oral sex, TPE toys have a mouth to imitate oral posture. Many TPE toys are equipped with imitation of the tongue, and even equipped with a vibration massager to get a wonderful sexual experience. The vibratory massager provides additional fun and excitement to the reproductive apparatus when in use. In fact, you can even buy vibratory massagers from ovules to various forms of the penis. It can be used to provide pornographic experience of vibration and rotation.
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    Before using TPE toys, do not forget to use waterborne lubricants before use. You will have the wonderful experience of these dolls. So now do not waste any time and order a sex doll.

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    robotics with love, marriage, and old age

    If the appearance of the sex robot is a real life sex doll with high simulation, can it also solve the love in the form of a long-distance relationship? It turns out that the lack of physical contact between love and marriage is vulnerable, and the artificial intelligence and refined design of the sex robot can perfectly satisfy all your needs, and it is human nature to fall into it.
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    A good emotion must go through love, marriage, and old age. Marriage may not be love, but a good old marriage will have a good marriage. It is worth noting that sex robots will definitely be with you, if you wish.
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    Why Is The Sex Robot Revolution Leaving Women Behind?

    Though we live in an era of self-driving cars and iPhones, it often feels like the kind of inventions promised by science fiction — teleportation decks! Hologram communication! Some kind of laser that can instantly cure UTIs! — are still a long way off. But by the end of 2017, one long-time sci-fi fantasy will become real: Abyss Creations (the company behind the Real Doll sex dolls) will release what is widely being referred to as the world's first sex robot. Called Harmony, she's not quite a fully-mobile sex robot — she has a moving face, speech capabilities, and a personality the user can create via an app, but she can't, say, hump you wildly until dawn or join you in a post-coital plate of Pad Thai. Yet. And frankly, I'm jealous. While she represents a breakthrough in the field of sexual robotics, it's impossible to miss the fact that Harmony is designed for heterosexual cis men. I'm a heterosexual cis woman — when the hell do I get a sex robot?Click image for larger version. 

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    So why doesn't anyone seem interested in designing a sex robot specifically for women?

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    The development of sex robots is also an important field of intelligent robots. According to the existing sex robots, they have a variety of personality traits, which makes our experience more realistic, which is the main characteristic different from ordinary silicone dolls. The body of the robot has a heater inside to maintain the same body temperature as humans. Because she has a smart system, she can improve the interactivity of the system by getting along with people, that's the point different from normal sex doll, and also to make sexual robots more perfect and close to real humans.
    Although it is only a replica of the female body, it reflects the understanding of the sex robot, and it is a choice for the average male ideal state.

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