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Thread: Roam Elevate Ski XO, powered exoskeleton, Roam Robotics Inc., San Francisco, California, USA

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    Roam Elevate Ski XO, powered exoskeleton, Roam Robotics Inc., San Francisco, California, USA

    Developer - Roam Robotics Inc.

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    ROAM Elevate ski device

    Published on Jan 8, 2019

    Elevate, the robotic ski xo, boosts your quad strength giving you more control, stronger turns, and longer runs while reducing muscle fatigue and joint pressure.

    Sensors and smart software on the exoskeleton anticipate your intent and automatically adjust torque at your knee via air actuators, effectively mimicking and strengthening your quadricep muscles. The device is fully adjustable and always follows your body’s lead, so you are always in control.

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    Tim Swift: Robotic Exoskeleton | EQ Portrait

    Published on Feb 7, 2019

    Tim Swift is a practical visionary who not only sees a given need, but also acts upon it.

    As the CEO of Roam Robotics, the robotics pioneer of 15 years and his team have developed the Roam Robotics Elevate exoskeleton — a lightweight, low-cost device for skiing — that enables people with invasive physical limitations to move as freely on the piste as they would without impairment.

    And skiing is just the beginning. As a long-term goal, Tim is set on gradually extending the services these robotic devices offer to personal mobility in order to enable people to do what they love – without barriers.

    When robotics pioneer Tim Swift set out to push innovation in robotics, he wasn’t aiming at building robots, but instead “something that matters”. With the Roam Robotics Elevate exoskeleton, he combines both by creating robots that people can wear to change or improve the way they move on skis. But it doesn’t stop there: “Our goal is that we start with skiing; we move from skiing into areas where we keep people mobile in their homes.” – Tim Swift

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