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Thread: Generated Photos, Icons8 LLC, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

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    100K AI Generated Faces

    Published on Sep 18, 2019

    Free resource of 100k diverse faces generated by AI.

    We have put together a free resource of 100k faces for you to use however you wish. But these aren't just normal faces. These images were produced completely by our artificial intelligence — none of these people are real!

    We are currently working hard to train and refine our generative models toward our ultimate goal: creating a simple API that can produce infinite diversity. We are iterating fast, but things aren’t perfect quite yet. When you see a face that is a bit ‘off’, just give it some slack. ******?

    We also know that the future can be unnerving at times. That is why we went above and beyond to assure personal safety in our systems. All of our training data was shot in-house and is fully model released. No images were pulled from stock media or scraped from the internet. This requires thousands of hours of labor, but in the end, we know it will be worth it!

    These faces feature:
    - Consistent lighting
    - Consistent sizing
    - Range of angles, positions
    - Range of facial expressions
    - Wide variety of ethnicities
    - All ages
    - All face shapes

    Have your next mockup, presentation or website looking great with these fresh faces. No copyrights, royalties, or other legal issues to worry about!

    Have fun and let us know what you make!

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    Article "100,000 free AI-generated headshots put stock photo companies on notice"
    For all your royalty-free photo needs

    by Jon Porter
    September 20, 2019

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    Generated Photos Platform

    Apr 8, 2020

    The new platform, new faces, new styles. Meet Generated Photos, the most consistent AI-generated media available.

    - Radically improved quality
    - Natural styling option
    - Transparent backgrounds
    - 2 million+ faces
    - Advanced filtering and sorting

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    Synthetic humans: is the future of fashion fake?

    Dec 16, 2020

    We have synthetic humans earning millions as influencers and models who are created by a computer. What’s driving this … and where’s it all going? To dig in, we’re chatting with Tyler Lastovich, who leads strategy at Generated Photos.

    Generated Photos makes realistic faces via AI: generative adversarial networks.

    They're growing incredibly fast, count most major gaming companies as their customers, and are talking to major social media outlets as well. The market right now is for synthetic models and characters, but in the future is probably as large as the world: avatars for all of us in augmented reality and virtual reality world.

    We chat about the growth, the implications, the ethical considerations, and much, much more.

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