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    How close are we to Star Wars-like prosthetics?

    Published on Dec 3, 2015

    Imperial researcher discusses how prototype sensor technology may make robotic prosthetics more user-friendly for people in the future.
    "Star Wars-style robotic hand controlled by muscle vibrations"

    by Martin Sayers, Colin Smith
    December 3, 2015

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    Denise Schindler to become world's first Paralympic cyclist to use 3D-printed prosthesis

    Published on May 12, 2016

    In this exclusive movie, German athlete Denise Schindler explains how she is working with Autodesk to become the first cyclist to compete with a fully 3D-printed prosthetic leg at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.
    "Denise Schindler to become world's first Paralympic cyclist to use 3D-printed prosthesis"

    May 12, 2016

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    GoPro: "Two Roads" Para Track & Field with Trenten Merrill

    Published on Jul 12, 2016

    On Episode 8 of Two Roads, Para Sprinter Trenten Merrill tells us about a defining moment in his life and how he was able to turn a terrible accident into an opportunity to compete at the highest level and continue to chase his dreams.

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    First prosthetic hand based on a video game - Meet The Record Breakers

    Published on Dec 1, 2017
    A videogamer says his life has been changed now he has started wearing the First prosthetic limb based on a videogame.

    Daniel Melville (UK) owns and wears a copy of the arm worn by Adam Jensen in Deus Ex, Square Enix's cyberpunk RPGs videogame series set in a futuristic era of transhumanist body upgrades.
    "How the first prosthetic arm based on a videogame has transformed a gamer's life"

    by Rachel Swatman
    December 1, 2017

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    This 'smart' prosthetic ankle makes it easier to use stairs

    Published on Jul 2, 2018

    This prototype ankle could make the lives of many people a lot easier one day. The creator, professor Michael Goldfarb from Vanderbilt University, hopes to commercialize the product soon.

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    Swimming with a prosthetic leg: the fin

    Published on Jan 9, 2019

    Motherboard meets Kevin Vaughan, a 28-year-old vet and amputee as he tries his new amphibious water prosthetic, "The Fin,” a 3D printed prosthetic engineered for swimming.

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