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Thread: NEON, artificial humans, Samsung Group, Seoul, South Korea

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    Introducing NEON Frame

    Jan 9, 2021

    NEON Frame is the life-size immersional portal that brings NEON into the real world, designed for natural, full-body and real-time interactions in high-res 4K.

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    Article "Samsung Neon wants fake humans everywhere, from your work to the bank"
    It turns out Samsung wasn’t messing around when it teased an artificial human.

    January 12, 2021

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    NEON - Our vision of the future

    Jan 14, 2021

    Your next yoga instructor. A financial advisor. The K-pop star. And a friend who knows you. The world with NEON is about limitless possibilities. It is about that face-to-face, human connection. This is our vision of the future.

    All NEONs and scenarios are fictionalized and simulated. For Illustrative purposes only.

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