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Thread: Quarantine

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    28 days in quarantine

    Apr 9, 2020

    Just checking in to let you know how we are doing after four weeks in lock-down.

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    Article "8 female novelists share their ultimate quarantine reading list"
    “Just like we have our comfort foods, we have our comfort authors.” We present to you the ultimate lockdown reading list, courtesy of eight critically acclaimed women fiction writers

    by Radhika Seth
    April 10, 2020

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    Article "The Ultimate Quarantine Self-Care Guide"
    Here's how to take care of your nails, hair, and skin at home—because if there was ever a time to be kind to yourself, it's now.

    by Medea Giordano, Louryn Strampe
    April 12, 2020

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    CGI 3D Animated Short: "Covid Commuters" - by Ishan Shukla

    Apr 28, 2020

    Urban commuters during the time of COVID 19.

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    Contact Tracing and Smart Quarantine

    Apr 29, 2020

    Contain COVID-19 with Capgemini Smart Quarantine and Contact Tracing solutions. Built on a trusted data foundation, the Smart Quarantine solution allows for cooperation between government and citizens to save lives and reduce the economic impact of the pandemic.

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    Варантин надоел

    Apr 24, 2020

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    Quarantine 15 or why that extra weight is an extra problem

    May 11, 2020

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    May 19, 2020

    Production & Animation:
    Helder Real

    Sound Design & Music:

    A project exploring a Sci-Fi genre style, developed by Helder Real during the COVID-19 virus lockdown.

    Story and Direction: Helder Real
    Concept, design & 3D: Helder Real
    Animation: Helder Real
    Composite: Helder Real
    Titles design: Paulo Garcia

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