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    Japanese school tests robot teacher

    Published on May 13, 2009

    Students at the Kudan Elementary School in downtown Tokyo were told a special teacher would help them with their science class.

    But few expected the teacher would need three grown men to help her up to the podium or need special programming to talk.

    Saya, the substitute teacher, is a robot.

    Built by Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi of Tokyo University of Science, he says shes not meant to take away the jobs of teachers.

    [Hiroshi Kobayashi, Tokyo University Professor]:
    "We are not looking at making something that will take over teachers, but rather our main reason for building this robot is to use new technology to teach children about technology."

    But Saya may be able to help in schools where there is a shortage of teachers.

    [Hiroshi Kobayashi, Tokyo University Professor]:
    "In the countryside and in some small schools, there are children who do not have the opportunity to come into contact with new technology, and also there are few teachers out there that can teach these lessons, so we also hope to be able to develop this robot so it can be remotely controlled to teach these classes."

    Saya, was a hit with the children.

    [Nanako Iijima, Student]:
    "Its so much more fun than regular classes."

    Most students were mesmerized by the robot.

    [Masaru Tabata, Student]:
    "It was great seeing the robot moving and speaking."

    But the class teacher was not convinced Saya was ready to go full time.

    [Akito Fukuda, Science Teacher]:
    "I think on the one hand I am impressed that they've got robots to go this far, but on the other hand they still have a long way to research before they create a truly robotic teacher."

    The curiosity of the children did not stop after the class.

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    Will Future Students Be Taught By Artificial Intelligence?

    Published on Sep 3, 2014

    You asked for it in the comments, so here it is…this week we’re talking about the future of education! As students across the country are getting ready to go back to school, it’s the perfect time to revisit this topic. So could a new teaching model called “adaptive learning” be the solution we’re looking for? One thing’s for certain, in the future, not only will students learn from computers – computers will learn from students!

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    Article "Artificial intelligence 'should be used to give children one-on-one tutoring'"
    Academics argue AI could radically transform our education system for the better – but is being held back by funding

    by Sarah Cassidy
    February 29, 2016

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    What if robots replaced teachers?

    Published on Jul 7, 2017

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