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Thread: MITO, underwater drone, Navatics Technology Ltd, Hong Kong

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    MITO, underwater drone, Navatics Technology Ltd, Hong Kong

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    Navatics MITO: the most stable underwater drone is live on Kickstarter!

    May 30, 2018

    Navatics MITO's crowdfunding campaign is live on Kickstarter!

    Preorder here on Kickstarter:

    To enjoy up to 40% discount for the world's most stable underwater ROV, please back our Kickstarter campaign!

    What's so special about Navatics MITO?
    - Built-in Active Stabilization System.
    - Underwater 4K Video. 8MP Stills.
    - 1080p Livestream.
    - 40m/131ft Depth. 500m/1640ft Range Control.

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    Introducing the best recreational underwater drone - Navatics MITO

    Jan 22, 2019

    Remember the old days when you saw an astounding view of the ocean and wondered, what would that look like underwater?

    Hidden beneath the wave, there are creatures beyond our imagination, lost treasures waiting to be found, sea forests extending to the horizon. With the right tool, we can enter a new world.

    Introducing Navatics MITO, the most stable recreational underwater drone on the market.

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    Unboxing & lets swim! - Navatics MITO - most stable underwater robot drone/ROV!

    May 19, 2020

    Today we unbox and test the $1,599 USD underwater robot drone MITO by Navatics! It hover in waves, has a 4-hours long endurance, can dive down to 40m with 2m/s speed, and capture stable and clear visual. Take it to water!

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