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    iOS 14: what to expect

    Jun 5, 2020

    New features, a new look and more apps: Here's a roundup of the most plausible rumors about what the next software update will bring to the iPhone.

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    First take: iOS 14 and all its new features

    Jun 22, 2020

    Apple launches iOS 14 at WWDC 2020. The new iPhone OS revamps the home screen, Siri and widgets, as well as adding features such as picture-in-picture video, a new translation app and the ability to use your iPhone to unlock your car. We break down all the major features -- plus some that didn't get a mention during the online keynote.

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    iOS 14 new features explained

    Jun 24, 2020

    The iOS 14 release date can't come soon enough, as Apple is introducing a host of new, long-overdue changes coming to your iPhone in 2020.

    New iOS 14 features include widgets finally coming to the home screen to break up that stagnant app tile look, picture-in-picture so you can watch videos in the screen corner while doing other tasks, and digital keys to unlock your car with an iPhone.

    No, Apple didn't unveil the iPhone 12 at WWDC. But this is operating system did give us insight as to where the company is headed with the new iPhone, and it's the software that you'll experience when unboxing the iPhone 12 later this year.

    Developers won't have to wait, of course. They can already get the iOS 14 beta, with a public beta for consumers scheduled to launch in July. We have the iOS 14 release date details below as well as the iOS 14 compatibility list.

    00:21 - Apple WWDC 2020
    01:22 - App Library
    04:08 - Widgets
    08:47 - Picture and Picture
    12:00 - Siri updates
    15:41 - Messages updates
    18:08 - CarPlay
    22:48 - Apple Maps improvements
    26:02 - App Clips
    28:10 - iOS 14 Release dates

    Cut to the chase
    What is iOS 14?
    Apple's next big iPhone update
    When is iOS 14 out?
    Just unveiled, final version likely lands in September
    How much will iOS 14 cost?
    Absolutely nothing. It's free.

    iOS 14 release date and beta schedule
    Developer beta: June 22, the day of WWDC 2020
    Public beta: Sometime in July, according to Apple
    Final version: Likely in September, timed with the iPhone 12 launch

    Apple didn't confirm the iOS 14 release date, but if previous years are anything to go by you won't be able to download the final software until September this year.

    You can, however, download a iOS 14 beta meant for developers today (but you'll need a paid developer account) and a public beta is set to launch in July. That will likely be the first opportunity for you to test it.

    Whether you want to use the public beta on your phone will come down to whether you're okay with experiencing potential software problems in the coming months. Public betas of software can often be temperamental, so you may want to wait until September for the final version.

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