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Thread: Alice Camera, AI camera for creators, Photogram Ltd, London, United Kingdom

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    Alice Camera, the AI camera for creators

    Premiered Feb 9, 2021

    The Alice Camera™ is an AI-accelerated computational camera (AI camera) built by Photogram AI and is made for content creators, YouTubers, vloggers and for anyone else who wants to shoot, edit and share content seamlessly. It will feature an interchangeable lens system, professional-quality imaging sensors and the latest computational photography features. Imagine having one device that gives you the best elements of a DSLR, mirrorless and smartphone.

    Photogram AI is computational photography startup based in London bringing artificial intelligence to photography and cameras. We specialise in AI-accelerated hardware and software for photography. Our mission is to empower creatives with technology and we are reimagining the camera as a computer designed from the ground up for you.

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