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Thread: RFOX VALT, Metaverse for retail, RedFOX Labs, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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    RFOX VALT, Metaverse for retail, RedFOX Labs, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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    RFOX ecosystem explainer

    Premiered Aug 25, 2021

    The RFOX ecosystem is growing every day. Our ventures all connect to a vibrant and immersive metaverse, which showcase RFOX Games, RFOX Finance, RFOX Media, RFOX NFT and our cashback and streaming app.

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    RFOX VALT SHOP Auction 101 with CEO Ben Fairbank

    Sep 14, 2021

    RedFOX Labs CEO Ben Fairbank answers your most-asked questions about the RFOX VALT SHOP auction, occurring September 14, 4 PM GMT+7.

    Bid for one of the 25 available SHOPs inside the Callinova quarter.

    Callinova is scheduled to be launched in MVP closed beta by December.

    Go to for more information.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:16 When is the auction?
    0:38 Do I need RFOX & ETH?
    0:50 When do I get my NFT if I win a SHOP?
    1:07 What can I do with my SHOP?
    1:31 Can I sell my SHOP?
    1:51 What is the secondary market fee for SHOP sales on Opensea?
    2:05 Does the SHOP have to be sold for RFOX?
    2:20 Can you change the look of the exterior of the SHOP as well as the interior?
    3:04 Explain how the SHOP opening works, and if your shop remains unopened, what happens?
    3:39 What happens if I don't open my SHOP and I don't contact you?
    4:24 When will Callinova be open for business?
    4:36 What happens if I lose my shop NFT?
    4:53 What is a marquee client, and are you having trouble finding marquee clients?
    5:28 What do you think will be the average price that the SHOPs will sell for?
    5:47 How do you plan on having a growth consumer base within the RFOX VALT?
    6:11 When do the VFOX rewards happen?
    6:31 Do you think you will get more SHOP owners that will operate a SHOP or landlords that will rent a SHOP in the auction?
    6:54 When will the other quarters be auctioned off?
    7:10 Callinova is art-inspired, but do I need to bring our an art-themed SHOP if I buy in Callinova?
    7:36 Will there be avatars inside the RFOX VALT?
    7:50 Is the auction closing time based on block number or the actual time?
    8:16 What happens if a SHOP has illegal or inappropriate content?

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