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Thread: Siri, intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Apple's iOS, Apple Inc., Cupertino, California, USA

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    5 year old tries to have a conversation with Siri

    Published on Aug 29, 2014

    This little boy just learned about Siri on the iPhone and tries his best to hold a conversation with "her" for the first time. The only problem? "She's" having some trouble understanding him!

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    Siri vs. Alexa comparison

    Published on Apr 28, 2016

    Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa are similar in that they’re both voice-controlled virtual assistants, but that’s where the similarities end. Which is better? The Verge’s Lauren Goode reports.

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    Article "“Siri Already Did It”"
    Amazon Alexa vs. Apple Siri

    by M.G. Siegler
    May 21, 2016

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    Article "Apple May Open Up Siri, Make Echo-Like Speaker"
    Apple is reportedly preparing its response to the Amazon Echo by opening up Siri to developers and forging a home-based speaker of its own.

    by Eric Zeman
    May 25, 2016

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    Siri's new tricks in iOS 10

    Published on Sep 16, 2016

    In iOS 10, Siri can control third party apps so you can order a Lyft, send a WhatsApp or pull up animal pins on Pinterest without touching your phone.

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    Apple's Siri: You're doing it wrong!

    Published on Apr 27, 2017

    Hey iPhone users - When it comes to Siri – you’re doing it wrong!

    Siri does a lot more than just recall contacts. Check out these tips and tricks that’ll turn your iPhone into more than a machine for Facebook and Instagram, including taking advantage of Siri's excellent memory, teaching her how to pronounce names correctly and customizing relationships with the people you have in your contacts.

    Not only does using your voice to control your phone feel like you’re finally using modern tech to its full potential, but your thumbs will thank you for the much-needed break.

    However you decide to use Siri, just have fun with it!

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    "Apple hires Google’s AI chief"
    Former Google executive John Giannandrea will run Apple's "machine learning and A.I. strategy," and become one of 16 executives who report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook.
    The hire is a victory for Apple, which many Silicon Valley executives and analysts view as lagging its peers in artificial intelligence.

    by Jack Nicas and Cade Metz
    April 3, 1918

    John Giannandrea

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    Article "iOS 14.5 brings new Siri voices to your iPhone and iPad. Here's how you can use them"
    Tired of talking to the same ol' Siri? iOS 14.5 gives you more options for a total of four.

    by Jason Cipriani
    April 5, 2021

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