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Thread: AI video generator, Movio, San Francisco, California, USA

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    AI video generator, Movio, San Francisco, California, USA

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    Movio: generate your own AI avatar in minutes!

    Oct 26, 2022

    Today, we check out Movio, a new AI Video Avatar Movie Creator and editor with a special feature! Turn Yourself into a realistic AI Avatar! The pricing of Movio is also very competetive, allowing users to really experience and test Movio for free.

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    Meet Movio - AI video generation platform

    Nov 8, 2022

    Welcome to the new era of online video creation! MOVIO is an AI video generator that can help you take your marketing text and turn it into a spokesperson video in just minutes.

    With Movio, you can create professional-quality videos for marketing, sales, training, learning, and much more! Simply choose a template, pick your Avatar, upload your script, and Movio converts your words into video and produces professional spokesperson content.

    Choose from 200+ voices in 20+ popular languages. No cameras, studios or actors are required. Start producing your Movio videos for free!

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