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Thread: "Buddy Bot", sci-fi short comedy film, Joey Jordan, 2021, USA

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    "Buddy Bot", sci-fi short comedy film, Joey Jordan, 2021, USA

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    Sci-fi short film "Buddy Bot"

    Aug 30, 2023

    When a troublemaking teen reprograms the supervising robot his single mother has left him with, he ends up in her shoes when the once innocent companion begins to disobey him.

    "Buddy Bot" by Joey Jordan

    More About "Buddy Bot":
    The year is 2036 and teenager Adam Stephanson lives with his mother, Hope. Adam’s tendency to get into trouble begins to drain Hope, so while she's at work, she puts him in the care of the Buddy Bot, a robot companion designed to keep small children in check. Displeased with his new robotic babysitter, Adam reprograms Buddy Bot to be more "fun", but soon finds himself in his mother’s shoes when the robot begins to disobey him.

    "Buddy Bot" Credits:
    Brady Jacob as Adam
    Matthew Moore as Buddy Bot
    Tanya Raisa as Hope

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