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    Creators Or Viewers First? - (Twitch) Emmett Shear & (CNBC) Ryan Browne | Slush 2022

    Nov 22, 2022

    Creators Or Viewers First? Twitch’s Way To Scale The Creator Economy - (Twitch) Emmett Shear & (CNBC) Ryan Browne | Slush 2022

    Twitch is a global community of millions that comes together around live video, sharing their passions as streamers or viewers. Since Twitch was born back in 2011, it has helped spur a new generation of online entertainers who have become masters of the live streaming format - unique for its unedited, interactive, and conversational nature. Over 29 million channels went live in 2021 alone.

    Emmett Shear, Co-founder & CEO of Twitch, will join us on stage with Ryan Browne to discuss the growth and future of the creator economy and share his advice and insights into growing and scaling a B2C product.

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    Article "OpenAI’s new CEO is Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear"
    OpenAI has a third CEO in just a few days after the turmoil following Sam Altman’s firing.

    by Tom Warren
    November 20, 2023

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