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Thread: Sora, text-to-video model, OpenAI Inc., San Francisco, California, USA

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    Article "The Sora Saga Has Only Just Started"
    A tiny sneak preview of OpenAI’s groundbreaking video tool last month has sent outsize shockwaves across countless industries. Here’s how Sora is already changing everything from Hollywood to videogames to Madison Avenue.

    by Margaux MacColl
    March 15, 2024

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    "Sora: First Impressions"
    We have gained valuable feedback from the creative community, helping us to improve our model.

    March 25, 2024

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    Beyond Our Reality · Made by Don Allen Stevenson with Sora

    Apr 3, 2024

    "I’m so excited to unveil something truly groundbreaking in collaboration with OpenAI: a glimpse into the future of storytelling with Sora technology.

    In this trailer, we explore a parallel world Beyond our Reality, where the boundaries of imagination are expanded, bringing to life a few creatures I have dreamed up. What you’re seeing is not traditional footage but the result of cutting-edge AI-generated video technology that blurs the lines between reality & fantasy. I tried to ground my outputs in something kind of familiar like animals, but also something that was currently impossible in biology, these hybrid creatures.

    As we step into this new era, I understand the apprehension surrounding the rapid evolution of our creative industries. I really think Sora offers a different kind of visual canvas, expanding my creative possibilities and complementing my different creative crafts. I have always been a one-person creative studio, so there were inherent limits to what I could create alone. With Sora I feel I can tell stories at a scale I didn’t think was possible before.

    As I continue to be an early artist, working with Sora, I promise to be mindful of its profound impact. I will continue to share knowledge about it in an educational, creative capacity.

    I feel like we are unlocking a new era of creative storytelling that we have never been able to imagine collectively before! Stay curious and creative!!!" -@DonAllenIII

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