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    War, AI and the New Global Arms Race | Alexandr Wang | TED

    Jul 10, 2023

    Lethal drones with facial recognition, armed robots, autonomous fighter jets: we're at the dawn of a new age of AI-powered warfare, says technologist Alexandr Wang. He explores why data will be the secret weapon in this uncharted landscape and emphasizes the need to consider national security when developing new tech -- or potentially face all-out AI warfare.
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    Alexandr Wang: 26-year-old billionaire powering the AI industry

    Nov 3, 2023

    (0:00) Intro
    (0:55) Why data isn't the new oil
    (2:36) Data is the new code
    (7:41) Outsourcing problems
    (10:28) Reinforcement learning and generative AI
    (16:46) How execs and founders should think about AI
    (18:53) AI VS computers, the internet, mobile, and other tech trends
    (22:32) The next two to three years of AI will define decades
    (25:59) Atomic bomb analogy
    (28:24) Alexandr's biggest AI worries
    (31:11) Undercover AI predictions
    (35:49) Three components of model development
    (39:51) Under-appreciating our reliance on Taiwan
    (41:50) Democratization of AI
    (43:48) The Turing Trap
    (45:46) Misconceptions About AI
    (47:23) Geopolitics and Artificial Intelligence
    (52:54) The UK AI Summit
    (54:39) What role does the government play in regulating AI?
    (1:13:59) The risks of hiring from big brands
    (1:19:30) The business of Scale AI
    (1:22:19) Influence of playing violin
    (1:24:13) Alexandr's childhood with physicist parents
    (1:27:27) Being weird means being interesting
    (1:29:03) The future of AI

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