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Thread: Toyota Motor Corporation, automaker, finance, robotics, Toyota, Aichi, Japan

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    Toyota Motor Corporation, automaker, finance, robotics, Toyota, Aichi, Japan

    Website -

    Toyota Motor Corporation on Wikipedia

    President - Akio Toyoda

    Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation.


    Toyota AI Ventures

    Projects and products:

    CUE, basketball robot

    Mobility Unlimited Challenge

    e-Palette, self-driving on-demand vehicle concept

    T-HR3, humanoid robot

    Concept-i, all electric car with driver-in-mind AI Yui

    Kirobo, Kibo Robot Project, mini humanoid robot astronaut

    Project BLAID, wearable device for the blind and visually impaired

    Human Support Robot (HSR), home helper robot

    Partner Robot, series of humanoid robots

    AI in Toyota's cars

    Toyota i-Road, personal electric vehicle

    Servo Robot Arm

    Robot Violinist


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    Toyota's $1 Billion AI Investment

    Published on Jan 7, 2016

    Over the next five years, Toyota will spend $1 billion to establish the Toyota Research Institute Inc. based in North America. The focus of that investment will be on advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence for vehicles and beyond.

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