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    Vision-based cable-suspended load transport with two quadrotors

    Published on Mar 15, 2017

    We propose a novel collaborative transport scheme, in which two quadrotors transport a cable-suspended payload at accelerations that exceed the capabilities of previous collaborative approaches, which make quasi-static assumptions. Furthermore, this is achieved completely without explicit communication between the collaborating robots, making our system robust to communication failures and making consensus on a common reference frame unnecessary. Instead, they only rely on visual and inertial cues obtained from on-board sensors.

    M. Gassner, T. Cieslewski, D. Scaramuzza
    Dynamic Collaboration without Communication: Vision-Based Cable-Suspended Load Transport with Two Quadrotors, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017

    Our research page on multi-robot systems:

    Robotics and Perception Group, University of Zurich, 2017

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    Swiss Post drone flights

    Published on Apr 4, 2017

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    Package delivery drone of the University of Moratuwa

    Published on Apr 6, 2017

    This hexacopter drone is fully autonomous. It can carry 1.5kg package easily and fly to a destination, land and drop the package, and fly back to the home all in fully autonomous mode. University of Moratuwa UAV Research Lab and Future Drones (Pvt) Ltd are developing this drone for applications such as package delivery, precision agriculture, and disaster management. The drone will soon be deployed for actual applications.

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    Article "Drone Demo Flight Breaks Records, Paves Way for Drone Delivery"
    The demo flight is one of the latest and longest drone-delivery tests conducted as the unmanned-aircraft industry.

    by David Wicher
    July 13, 2017

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    AT200 UAV maiden flight - “World’s first cargo drone”

    Published on Oct 27, 2017

    “World’s first cargo drone” - AT200 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) made its maiden flight on 26 October 2017 in Shaanxi Province, China, flying for 26 minutes. The AT200 cargo drone can transport 1.5 tonnes of cargo flying at 6000 meters with a cruising speed of 313 km/h and a 2000 km autonomy. AT200 can take off and land on a 200 meters runway which could be useful in mountainous regions or on islands.
    Credit: China Central Television
    "China's AT200 cargo drone makes maiden flight"

    October 27, 2017

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    Collaborative transportation

    Published on Nov 23, 2017

    In this video we present a robust approach to perform collaborative object transportation using multiple MAVs.
    "Robust Collaborative Object Transportation Using Multiple MAVs"

    November, 2017

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    Stanford students design and build autonomous delivery drones

    Published on Feb 28, 2018

    Stanford students in a mechanical engineering course fly prototypes
    of drone delivery systems on quadcopters and design winged drones for long range flights.

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    Super fresh via drone delivery

    Published on Jun 11, 2018

    EHang, Inc., drones, Guangzhou, China

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