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Thread: MarsCrew134, Mars Society, Mars Analog Research Station (MARS) project

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    MarsCrew134, Mars Society, Mars Analog Research Station (MARS) project

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    Life On Mars Sim: Extracting Fuel Making Hydrogen From 'Mars' Soil

    Published on Jan 31, 2014

    MarsCrew134's crew scientist Vibha Srivastava describes extracting hydrogen fuel from soil sampled outside a simulated Mars habitat in Utah, a process called "in-situ resource utilization."

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    Life On Mars Sim: Rover Deployed In High And Dry Utah

    Published on Jan 28, 2014

    MarsCrew134's crew engineer Ewan Reid is testing a rover carrying a terrain mapping pair of stereo cameras and equipment to test long range robotic control during a two week human Mars mission simulation in high altitude Utah.

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    Life On Mars Sim: Practicing 'Off-World' Medicine With Earth Supervision

    Published on Feb 7, 2014

    The new world of tele-anesthesiology and tele-surgery is practiced in high altitude Utah by MarsCrew134. The crew's executive and medical officer Dr. Susan Jewell discusses.

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    Life On Mars Sim: Spacesuits Create Challenges On Mock EVA

    Published on Feb 7, 2014

    Interfacing with rovers, laptops and other tech needed to explore the Red Planet, while dealing with the confines of a spacesuit can be difficult. MarsCrew134's crew engineer Sue Ann discuss her research into the problem.

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