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    Mech Warfare

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    We are a group of hobbyists, robotics engineers, students, and various humans that build small remotely piloted walking robots armed with airsoft, nerf, and even more powerful weapons such as micro-rockets, custom co2 powered bb rifles, and flame throwers. We take these robots, place them in a small-scale model urban environment and duke it out. Mech Warfare is part engineering competition, part “real-world videogame” with a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge, advancing robotics technology, and having fun. In our 5th year, we have had over 30 registered teams from across the United States, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, and Japan competing.
    "Help us build a Mech Warfare Robot Arena!" on Kickstarter

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    Mech Warfare 2012 - Final Match - Insanity Wolf vs. Immortal

    Published on Apr 24, 2012

    Final match of Mech Warfare 2012 at Robogames in San Mateo, CA.

    Fight is MW 2011 Champion "Immortal" vs veteran piloted "Insanity Wolf".

    This match was incredibly close, going back and forth with strikes right down to the end. Immortal had lost one of his weapons in a previous match, and Insanity Wolf had the left gun jam half way through this match. By the end, neither had any ammo left and each had 1 hitpoint left. Final blow was dealt by Insanity Wolf using his leg to smash into one of Immortal's target panels.

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    Mech Warfare 2013 Final - Nomad vs Immortal

    Published on Apr 23, 2013

    The final Mech Warfare match at Robogames 2013.

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