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Thread: AI at BMW, BMW, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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    BMW Gesture Control Parking - Demonstration

    Published on Jan 17, 2016

    The BMW i3 recognises gestures, and drives into and out of a parking space fully automatically.

    The Open Mobility Cloud recognises when specific functions are next expected by users. In the Smart Home, picking up the vehicle key is the signal to open the garage door and this action gives the networked BMW i3 the signal to leave the garage. The vehicle reverses automatically, turns and positions itself outside the door ready for when the driver leaves the house. The research application BMW Gesture Control Parking means that the BMW i3 can also drive into and out of a parking space while on a journey without the driver sitting in the vehicle. The function is triggered by a wave gesture which is recognised by the smart watch and transmitted to the vehicle.

    After having arrived at the venue for an appointment, the BMW i3 helps to find a free parking space. Once the system has identified a free space, the driver selects it, stops and gets out of the vehicle. While the driver is standing beside the BMW i3, the smart watch is activated using an individually configurable activation gesture. The subsequent wave gesture gives the starting signal for the parking procedure and this is transmitted to the BMW i3 by wireless connection. The use case demonstrated at the 2016 CES shows the vehicle reversing independently in a semicircle, then moving forward into the vacant parking space while controlled by the vehicle sensor system, and finally locking the doors. The manoeuvre to drive out of the parking space is also triggered by wave gestures that are picked up by the smart watch. The BMW i3 reverses out of the parking space independently and then positions itself in the right direction ready to drive away.

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    Article "BMW's radical future in the world of driverless cars: Firm is planning a 'complete overhaul' to compete with Google and Tesla"
    The firm said half the R&D staff will soon be computer programmers
    These programmers will build the brains for self-driving cars
    It recently partnered with Baidu on a self-driving car for trials in China
    Autonomous cars from BMW will rival those from Google and Tesla

    by Victoria Woollaston
    March 4, 2016

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    MINI's augmented-reality glasses allow drivers to see through the body of their car

    Published on Apr 20, 2016

    Jorg Preisinger of BMW Group Research and Technology explains how the prototype augmented-reality glasses his team have developed can make the solid parts of a car appear transparent.

    MINI Augmented Vision, which was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show this week, is a research project developed by BMW Group Research and Technology looking at how augmented-reality eyewear could make driving safer and more convenient in future.

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    Human or Robot - who will control our future vehicles? BMW Welcomes keynote.

    Published on Jun 2, 2016

    Werner Huber, Manager Highly Automated Driving at BMW Group, explains studies regarding BMW and autonomous driving. The question for BMW is always: How far can we go and how far should we go with automation regarding the promise “sheer driving pleasure”.

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    Preview: The all new BMW 5 Series. Driving Assistance Systems.

    Published on Sep 26, 2016

    The all-new BMW 5 Series is coming soon. In this clip you can get a first glimpse of the latest Driving Assistance Systems the all-new BMW 5 Series can be equipped with. Among many other features, the car can be equipped with Steering and Lane Control Assistant as well as Crossroads Warning.
    Steering and Lane Control Assistant present a milestone towards automated driving: The system takes the strain off the driver. It increases comfort and safety.
    The Crossroads Warning can warn you in case of potential collisions with crossing traffic, can precondition your breaking system and can support you in case of an emergency breaking.

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    BMW and IBM: cognitive research for cars of the future

    Uploaded on Dec 14, 2016

    The Internet of Things is transforming our relationship with the physical world. In Munich Germany, IBM is creating a new global center for collaborative innovation side-by-side with clients and partners. IBM will invest $200 million US to make Watson IoT HQ one of the most advanced facilities in the world.

    BMW is one of the first collocated partners and together, we will start a new pilot program to explore the role of IBM Watson in the BMW i8 hybrid car. BMW engineers & IBM experts will work together in "collaboratories" to explore Watson technologies for personalization of the driving experience.

    With conversational interfaces & machine learning, cars will get to know their drivers better.

    IBM Watson IoT Center, Opening February 2017
    "BMW Group to Start Research with IBM Watson"
    BMW Group to locate research team at IBM’s Munich Watson IoT HQ
    IBM explores conversational interfaces in BMW i8 hybrid sports cars

    December 15, 2016

    "BMW Group to start research with IBM in Munich IoT HQ collaboratory"

    by Scott Stockwell
    December 15, 2016

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    BMW personal Co-Pilot: hands-on

    Published on Jan 7, 2017

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    BMW's 5 series prototype with Personal Co-Pilot

    Published on Jan 10, 2017

    The drive started with us taking the wheel and getting on the highway, but then the car took over and drive itself - leaving us with plenty of free time. Shooting video, watching movies, reading books - there are plenty of ways to stay entertained while the car drives. BMW's software also lets you check your schedule and check out sightseeing spots as you pass by.

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    Fully autonomous driving - BMW Group

    Published on May 8, 2017

    In the future, “sheer driving pleasure” will also be defined by how automated driving can make life easier for our customers. Find out how the BMW Group is implementing "fully autonomous driving" over five levels of development.

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    BMW Group: Seamless in-car integration of Amazon Alexa

    Published on Sep 28, 2017

    The BMW Group is systematically expanding the intelligent
    connectivity capabilities of its vehicles by seamlessly integrating the highly versatile Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant, into all BMW and MINI models from mid-2018.

    The innovative inclusion of a cloud-based voice service will enable BMW Group customers to access a variety of services, entertainment features and shopping facilities while on the move by simple voice interaction. Tens of thousands of Alexa skills that can be accessed from Echo devices will now be available for in-car use, too.

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