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Thread: Volvo, AI and robotics, Volvo Group, Gothenburg, Sweden

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    Drive Me: Volvo Cars Autonomous Driving Project -- Alternative Infrastructures

    Published on May 6, 2014

    Volvo Car Group's groundbreaking project 'Drive Me' -- which will feature 100 self-driving Volvos on public roads in everyday driving conditions -- is rapidly moving towards its kick-off in 2017.
    Implementation of self-driving vehicles paves the way for an innovative and more cost-efficient approach to infrastructure design. It also allows present infrastructure to be used more efficiently. This video demonstrates some of the possibilities.

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    Are we ready for self-driving cars?

    Published on May 16, 2014

    Volvo is testing a self-driving car in the streets of Sweden. The technology is ready, but are the people? We ask the citizens of Gothenburg, Volvo's home town, what they think.

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    Volvo's self-driving car test ride through the streets in Sweden

    Published on May 16, 2014

    Volvo plans to start selling autonomous cars in 2017, but it's already testing them today. We make the trip to Sweden to take one of the company's prototypes for a spin.

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    Run-off road crashes – world-first solution by Volvo Cars

    Published on Dec 18, 2014

    Run-off road crashes are one of the most common car accidents, exposing driver and passengers to sudden, violent and random movement that can cause spinal injuries.

    A visit to a theme park inspired Volvo Cars’ safety expert Anders Axelson to our latest safety innovation, taking us one step closer to our vision - that nobody will be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo by 2020.

    Teaming up industrial robot manufacturer ABB, a robot that mimics and simulates run-off road crashes has been developed. Not only is this a quicker and cheaper way to test new safety solutions, but it has also brought two new vital parts to the run-off road protection in the all-new XC90 - namely ‘retractable safety belts’ and ‘energy absorbing seats’.

    By keeping driver and passenger in an upright posture while cushioning the impact, the vertical forces they are exposed to can be reduced by up to one third. Read the full story over at:
    "The art of turning an amusement park ride into a run-off road test at Volvo Cars Safety Centre"

    December 5, 2014

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    Published on Dec 23, 2014

    Read more here:
    "Volvo's bike helmet concept alerts riders and drivers to each other"

    by Mariella Moon
    December 20, 2014

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    A Self-Stopping Car Accident

    Published on May 19, 2015

    What the car company says about the incident:
    "Volvo says horrible ‘self-parking car accident’ happened because driver didn’t have ‘pedestrian detection’"

    by Kashmir Hill
    May 26, 2015

    Autonomous-braking car accident in Dominican Republic. The people hit by the car "were bruised but are are ok."

    Carro con sistemas de frenado aut?nomo choca dos personas en Republica Dominicana. Las personas impactadas solo quedaron con unos cuantos 'moraditos'.

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    Volvo Cars: A Future With Self-Driving Cars. Is It Safe?

    Published on Oct 12, 2015

    Industry thought-leaders, policy-makers and journalists joined Volvo at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington to discuss the future of autonomous car.

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    Kick back and relax in Volvo's Concept 26 autonomous car cockpit

    Published on Nov 19, 2015

    Volvo's Concept 26 cockpit explores how drivers will interact with their cars, be more productive or just relax in a future where the cars can do all of the driving.

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    Volvo media streaming for autonomous cars

    Published on Jan 4, 2016

    At the 2016 CES Volvo revealed that it is developing intelligent, high bandwidth, streaming capabilities with its technology partner, Ericsson, that will ensure drivers and passengers get the most out of their time travelling in an autonomous Volvo.

    Autonomous drive will bring a paradigm shift to mobile net demands. Volvo and Ericsson believe that this shift will see an increased need for consistent and high-bandwidth coverage outside densely populated areas such as city centres and suburbs.

    Utilising Ericsson’s network and cloud expertise, Volvo Cars’ aim is to deliver a high quality, interruption-free experience in its cars whilst on the move. By predicting your route and looking ahead at network conditions, content can be tailored to the duration of each trip and intelligently buffered to deliver a high quality and uninterrupted viewing experience.

    By learning the most common routes and times of travel and understanding media preferences, future Volvo cars will be able to provide one-click navigation and a customised preference based list of potential media - allowing customers to choose routes and select content tailored to the amount of autonomous time that is available during their commute.
    Press-release "Volvo Cars and Ericsson developing intelligent media streaming for self-driving cars"

    January 4, 2016

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    The making of Concept 26

    Published on Jan 4, 2016

    Much of the thinking behind Concept 26 will be used in the future production of autonomous cars. Volvo Advanced Concepts Director, Doug Frasher, explains the process.

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