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    StopWatching.Us: Rally Against Mass Surveillance 10/26/13

    Published on Oct 26, 2013

    Thousands came together in Washington, DC on October 26, 2013 to protest the NSA's mass surveillance programs.

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    Hillary Clinton: 'Our technology companies are not part of our government'

    Published on Aug 29, 2014

    Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed Edward Snowden, the NSA’s surveillance program and immigration during her appearance at the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit.

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    Catherine Crump: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track about you

    Published on Dec 11, 2014

    A very unsexy-sounding piece of technology could mean that the police know where you go, with whom, and when: the automatic license plate reader. These cameras are innocuously placed all across small-town America to catch known criminals, but as lawyer and TED Fellow Catherine Crump shows, the data they collect in aggregate could have disastrous consequences for everyone the world over.

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    Ad Company's Drones Are Collecting Personal Data...And It's Totally Legal

    Published on Mar 2, 2015

    An ad company called Adnear has been flying surveillance phones over Los Angeles, collecting data off of people's cell phones to use to sell ads. And it's 100% legal. How if this acceptable, and is there anything that can be done to combat it? Does the company have a right to people's data? Kim Horcher discusses with special KotN guests Xander Jeanneret (XanderVlogs) and Ivan Van Norman (Geek and Sundry, Saving Throw)!

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    Robot readable world
    February 5, 2012

    How do robots see the world? How do they gather meaning from our streets, cities, media and from us?
    This is an experiment in found machine-vision footage, exploring the aesthetics of the robot eye.

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    Published on Mar 5, 2014

    Privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian sees the landscape of government surveillance shifting beneath our feet, as an industry grows to support monitoring programs. Through private companies, he says, governments are buying technology with the capacity to break into computers, steal documents and monitor activity — without detection. This TED Fellow gives an unsettling look at what's to come.

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    The first talking, artificially intelligent surveillance camera

    Published on Sep 10, 2015

    This DIY surveillance camera will scan your face, then speak aloud what it sees. We brought the tech into the streets.

    "The Sentient Surveillance Camera"

    by Brian Merchant
    September 10, 2015

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    Governments Don't Understand Cyber Warfare. We Need Hackers | Rodrigo Bijou | TED Talks

    Published on Jan 21, 2016

    The Internet has transformed the front lines of war, and it's leaving governments behind. As security analyst Rodrigo Bijou shows, modern conflict is being waged online between non-state groups, activists and private corporations, and the digital landscape is proving to be fertile ground for the recruitment and radicalization of terrorists. Meanwhile, draconian surveillance programs are ripe for exploitation. Bijou urges governments to end mass surveillance programs and shut "backdoors" — and he makes a bold call for individuals to step up.

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    Should A.I. products like Amazon Echo make us paranoid about surveillance?

    Published on Jan 25, 2016

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