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    'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith

    Published on Jun 8, 2016

    The full episode of VICE on HBO's 'State of Surveillance' is available to stream for free on VICE News.

    When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked details of massive government surveillance programs in 2013, he ignited a raging debate over digital privacy and security. That debate came to a head this year, when Apple refused an FBI court order to access the iPhone of alleged San Bernardino Terrorist Syed Farook. Meanwhile, journalists and activists are under increasing attack from foreign agents. To find out the government's real capabilities, and whether any of us can truly protect our sensitive information, VICE founder Shane Smith heads to Moscow to meet the man who started the conversation, Edward Snowden.

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    The real value of your personal data - (VPRO documentary - 2013)

    Published on Jun 11, 2017

    The personal data that is being collected by internet companies has turned into a goldmine. The applications for this enormous mountain of data is endless, from health care uses to marketeers who can accurately predict your behavior. But who is making money from your data? And who owns your personal data?
    Original title: The value of your personal data.
    Personal data is being collected constantly. Smartphones send your location data, internet browsers store which websites you visited and credit card companies carefully register your buying patterns. One would say that all this personal data is being used to send you advertisements and banners. But that’s just the start. Your data is not only used to understand who you are right now, but also what your life will look like in the future, because that is where the big money is. Could we regain the control over our own personal data, so that we can share in the profits?
    Due to huge flow of information, one can tell who we are today and what we will do tomorrow. Can we get control of our own data?
    Information is collected and stored on your behalf. Via mobile phone and computer, every step you take is saved and analyzed. By companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter, among others. This precious personal data is not just saved. There are now new valuable uses for your data, giving your personal data the worth of gold.
    Data centers full of your personal data are the heart of what is called Big Data. A treasure of valuable new insights, derived from your location data, emails, photos, text messages, and more from your digital production. Because your personal data is not only used to send customized ads.
    Your data is used to predict your future behavior. Through smart analyzes of all your behavior that you leave behind on your mobile phone and computer, it’s easy to find out who you are. And that's not that hard, it turns out. For example, the University of Cambridge just by looking at which buttons you click on Facebook, can see if your parents are divorced, whether you are gay, and so on.
    Predicting human behavior, possible thanks to all your personal data, can help to design cities better, combat diseases and prevent wars. But if all of your personal data is so valuable, then shouldn’t it be time for you to get control of it? And also take part of that profit for yourself?
    Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2013.
    © October 2013

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    Article "Artificial Intelligence is going to supercharge surveillance"
    What happens when digital eyes get the brains to match?

    by James Vincent
    January 23, 2018

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    Artificial intelligence: What the tech can do today

    Published on Apr 7, 2019

    Is the artificial intelligence we see in science fiction movies at all realistic? Many tech industry experts believe the idea of a superintelligent or sentient AI is greatly exaggerated and many years away. But there's AI already in the works to help solve real-world problems that can improve people's lives.

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    The dangers of video surveillance and A.I.

    Premiered Jun 13, 2019

    Unless we stop it, we could become a society where everyone’s public movements and behavior are subject to constant and comprehensive evaluation and judgment by an army of AI security guards.
    Article "Millions of surveillance cameras could become AI security guards, ACLU warns"
    ACLU wants lawmakers to start dealing with an increase in AI-powered surveillance.

    by Oscar Gonzalez
    June 13, 2019

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    The real problem with facial recognition

    Published on Jul 26, 2019

    Police across the country are using facial recognition to check IDs and find suspects -- but are they using it the right way? A new study from Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy & Technology suggests even good algorithms can be put to bad uses, particularly once police start getting creative with the images.
    "Police are using facial recognition the wrong way"
    And altering our faces?

    by Russell Brandom
    July 26, 2019

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