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Thread: Beam Pro, telepresence robot, Suitable Technologies, Palo Alto, California, USA

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    Beam Pro, telepresence robot, Suitable Technologies, Palo Alto, California, USA

    Developer and manufacturer - Suitable Technologies

    Home Page -

    Distributor - Awabot

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    Beam Smart Presence System

    Published on Nov 19, 2013

    Suitable Technologies offers BeamPro, a Smart Presence system that combines low-latency video conferencing with tele-operated maneuverability. This combination gives people the independence and empowerment to visit, interact, collaborate, and instigate conversations regardless of where he or she is physically located

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    Beam Stories: Henry Evans "walks again" using Smart Presence

    Published on Feb 27, 2014

    "If you want something, you look for options.
    If you don't want it, you look for excuses."
    - Henry Evans

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    Beam Stories: How a Medical Clinic Better Manages Multiple Offices using Smart Presence

    Published on Apr 28, 2014

    InMedic medical director, Dr. Ganesh Ram, spends his weekdays working from one of two medical centers located 190km (120 mi) apart. Dr. Ram uses BeamPro to visit patients and staff at both locations, at any time, and every day of the week.

    InMedic Pain Management Centres offer a unique approach to pain management, one that combines cutting-edge Western Medicine with balanced Eastern Practices. InMedic is located in London, ON and Windsor ON, Canada.

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    Beam Stories: U.S. Company Operates an Overseas Factory using Smart Presence

    Published on Apr 28, 2014

    Power Bright CEO, Gil Hetzroni, uses BeamPro to remotely connect to his factory in China and oversee operations. Gil also invites Power Bright customers to beam in and view their products while being produced, inspect shipments remotely, and witness Power Bright's quality control capabilities.

    Gil used to travel every 6-7 weeks, now he uses BeamPro to visit his factory daily and can limit business trips to once every 4 months. He is happy to travel less and spend more time with his family.

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    Beam Stories: Technology Director uses Smart Presence (to Be There) for Both Family and Work

    Published on Jul 7, 2014

    Motoman Technology Director, Erik Nieves, lives in San Antonio, TX in order to be close to family. Motoman, an automation company, is headquartered near Dayton, OH. Erik beams in from 1250 miles away to view projects under development and interact with his team.

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    Beam Stories: Engineering & Production Teams use Smart Presence for Better Collaboration

    Published on Jul 7, 2014

    Clearpath Robotics CTO Ryan Gariepy, along with the Clearpath CEO and other sales people, are often on the road for business travel. Ryan utilizes BeamPro for smart presence at meetings or at somebody's desk while away. He also finds BeamPro a much easier, and much more personal, way to work with his team while away.

    In addition, the Clearpath engineering and productions teams, who are located between different buildings, use BeamPro to visit each other, monitor progress, and address any problems. Remote employees use BeamPro to visit headquarters and be there for their team.

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    BeamPro: Be There for the Team

    Published on Jul 14, 2014

    BeamPro fulfills the need for shared awareness between people, places, and things. It embodies the remote individual, or pilot, with his or her authentic presence, and immerses the individual using reliable low-latency audio and video for natural communication, interaction, and control to the benefit of everyone involved.

    BeamPro mimics the physical presence of the pilot by placing the viewing monitor at eye-level, and low-latency video broadcasts in 480p in order to promote natural response times for gestures, driving, and other conversational cues. Application-specific audio makes use of six microphones, ideal for conversations up to 20 feet away, and cancels background noise; thereby making BeamPro and excellent A/V option for factories, events, or other noisy environments.

    With BeamPro, everyone is welcome to join the conversation, regardless of location.

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    Published on Jul 31, 2014

    One cannot go to ComicCon without a costume!

    When The Beam Team learned mad scientists from far, far, away wanted to go to ComicCon; we asked Weta Workshop for help. Together, knowing the mad scientists needed a special beam (one that could help them transcend space time), we developed a BeamPro perfectly suitable for the mad scientists' adventures in San Diego.

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    Beam Stories: Peter Diamandis on Smart Presence | XPrize | Singularity University

    Published on Aug 8, 2014

    Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space who uses Beams to stay connected. Peter discusses how he uses Smart Presence to keep up with his team at XPrize Foundation, Human Longevity Inc., and Singularity University.

    About Dr. Peter Diamandis:

    In the field of Innovation, Diamandis is Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, best known for its $10 million Ansari X PRIZE for private spaceflight. Diamandis is also the Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of Human Longevity Inc., a genomics and cell therapy-based diagnostic and therapeutic company focused on extending the healthy human lifespan. He is also the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Singularity University, a graduate-level Silicon Valley institution that studies exponentially growing technologies, their ability to transform industries and solve humanity’s grand challenges. In the field of commercial space, Diamandis is Co-Founder/Co-Chairman of Planetary Resources, a company designing spacecraft to enable the detection and mining of asteroid for precious materials.

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