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    Do you know AI or AI knows you better? Thinking Ethics of AI

    Published on Jun 21, 2019

    How is AI changing our world? Why should each of us care about it? What would be our future with AI? Four experts talk about ethical questions of AI such as self-driving cars, job loss, data bias, gender issues, minority populations, human vulnerability, international cooperation and lessons from the Frankenstein story.

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    Webinar | Ethics in AI: Our certain destruction in both the short and long term

    Published on Jun 28, 2019

    Machine Learning Engineer, Sam Ringer, presented a webinar on Ethics in AI and whether the rise in AI will lead to our certain destruction in both the short and long term.

    Over the last few years, the rise in AI has seen a lot of changes in the way humans interact with machines. In this webinar, Sam discussed some common uses of AI, the basic principles of it, and how it is impacting humans. Sam spoke about the power of AI, and how its continued rise is likely to impact humans in years to come.

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    Article "Seven very simple principles for designing more ethical AI"
    Users must be empowered, not overpowered, by technology. The only way to stop questionable AI from collecting and using personal data is to design it with the end user in mind.

    by Frida Polli
    August 6, 2019

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