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    Meet the 2016 BattleBots!

    Published on Jun 22, 2016

    The new season of BattleBots premieres this week! We were on set during the filming of this year's BattleBots, and met with some of the teams, old a new, backstage in the builder's pit area. Meet their new bots!

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    Meet the 2016 BattleBots! (Part 2)

    Published on Jun 23, 2016

    The new season of BattleBots premieres tonight on ABC! We're back in the builders' pit at this year's BattleBots, where we catch up with some teams from last season and meet some new competitors and their innovative bots. Check out one humanoid BattleBot that's puppetted like an animatronic boxing robot!

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    Behind the BattleBot design with Team Brutus

    Published on Dec 8, 2016

    See the passion and engineering that goes into creating 250 pounds of robot fighting machine. Watch more BattleBots and SOLIDWORKS videos and download BattleBots CAD models at

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    Skorpios gets stung | BattleBots: Resurrection

    Published on Oct 27, 2018

    Team Skorpios has their primary weapon decapitated, and is forced to improvise a replacement. As they race to build it before their next fight, Axe Backwards gets split in two.

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    Bombshell Gets Nuked | BattleBots: Resurrection

    Published on Nov 3, 1918

    Team Bombshell loses control and bursts into flames in the Battlebox. As they race to repair before their next fight, Monsoon has a massive battery fire that leaves them rebuilding from the ground up.

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