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Thread: Apple Watch, Apple Inc., Cupertino, California, USA

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    Apple's 10K Gold Watch on the wrist

    Published on Mar 9, 2015

    Vanessa Hand Orellana takes a closer look at the 18 carat gold Apple Watch Edition and checks out the design, user interface and communication features.

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    Apple Watch review: it’s finally here

    Published on Apr 8, 2015

    We follow a day in the life of the Apple Watch to find out whether its specs are worth the price — from battery life to apps, screen size, and fitness tracking.
    "Apple Watch Review"

    by Nilay Patel
    April 8, 2015

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    Apple Watch: what's in the box

    Published on Apr 8, 2015

    Curious about how the Apple Watch is packaged? We "unbox" the stainless steel Apple Watch to show what comes inside.

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    Apple Watch: extremely ambitious, far from perfect

    Published on Apr 8, 2015

    Take a tour of Apple's new smartwatch: how does it work? What does it do? Is it for you? Here are our first impressions.

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    How to navigate the Apple Watch in 10 helpful moves

    Published on Apr 20, 2015

    Two buttons, a microphone and a force-sensitive screen: here are the ways to make the Apple Watch do things quickly and efficiently.

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    How to talk, text and emoji like Dick Tracy on your Apple Watch

    Published on Apr 22, 2015

    Send messages, throbbing heartbeats, dancing emoji, or just have a phone call: we'll show you exactly how on Apple's new smartwatch

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    Apple Watch: Common Questions Answered!

    Published on Apr 24, 2015

    We're starting to test the new Apple Watch for our long-term use review. Today, we run through some common questions about its basic features, how app integration works, connectivity with our phones, and Siri functionality that you can't demo in stores. What questions do you have about the Apple Watch?

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    We destroyed the Apple Watch

    Published on Apr 24, 2015

    A drop test and water test prove the Apple Watch can take a good beating. Until we decide to turn up the heat.

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    TechRadar Talks - Apple Watch: Is It Fit For Fitness?

    Published on Apr 27, 2015

    With Apple touting fitness as a key aspect of its Watch, we discuss if this latest wearable is really up to the task.

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    Cracking Open: Apple Watch (2015)

    Published on Jun 5, 2015

    The Apple Watch may not be fine jewelry, but it's definitely a fine piece of tech. Bill Detwiler cracks open the 2015 Apple Watch and shows you the tech inside the case.

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