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Thread: Apple Watch, Apple Inc., Cupertino, California, USA

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    Apple Watch Series 3 review

    Published on Oct 2, 2017

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    Apple Watch Series 3 review

    Published on Oct 20, 2017

    The Apple Watch Series 3 is the latest edition to Apple's wearables range and here is our video review. While we think this version isn't much of an upgrade over Series 2, there are some additional features including improved fitness, and direct phone calls with the LTE version.

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    Your Apple Watch can now stream music

    Published on Oct 26, 2017

    The newest Apple Watch update adds a new radio app and supports streaming Apple Music. Scott Stein played with it for a couple days. Here's how it works.

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    Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 — Apple

    Published on Sep 12, 2018

    The largest Apple Watch display yet. A new electrical heart sensor. A Digital Crown with haptic feedback. New workouts. Advanced running features. And enhanced cellular connectivity. Introducing Apple Watch Series 4. Fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered to help you stay even more active, healthy, and connected.

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    Apple Watch Series 4: Hands on look

    Published on Sep 12, 2018

    Our first impressions of the Apple Watch Series 4 with an ECG sensor at Apple's event in Cupertino.

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    Apple Watch Series 4 review: it lives up to the hype

    Published on Sep 19, 2018

    The Apple Watch Series 4 has been fully redesigned with new screens, new sizes, new speakers, and of course new stuff inside. There's a faster processor, Bluetooth 5, and a more accurate set of sensors. Dieter Bohn spent the past week testing the Watch Series 4 and, yes it is expensive, but everything is just better. Better screen, better health features, and better speed.

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    Apple Watch Series 4 review: it's about time!

    Published on Sep 20, 2018

    Apple Watch Series 4 is easily the biggest upgrade yet.

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    Apple Watch Series 4 Review: Small tweaks make a big impact

    Published on Sep 27, 2018

    It's bigger and better in every way that counts.

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    Apple Watch Series 4: We tested Apple's fitness claims

    Published on Oct 11, 2018

    How well does the newest Apple Watch hold up as a fitness tracker, and are the new features worth the splurge?

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    Apple Watch 4's ECG feature is rolling out today

    Published on Dec 6, 2018

    The Apple Watch 4 stole the show at the Apple event in September, in large part due to its built-in electrocardiogram (ECG). The smartwatch was touted as the first consumer device to pack the function -- which goes one further from detecting a low heart rate to sense a dangerous condition known as an atrial fibrillation. Fast forward almost three months, and The Verge reports that the feature is available today courtesy of the latest watchOS update (5.1.2.), along with an irregular rate notification feature for Apple Watches going back to Series 1.

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