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Thread: European Space Agency (ESA), Paris, France

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    Highlights 2015

    Published on Dec 21, 2015

    2015 began and ended with two pioneering missions: IXV, the Intermediate Experimental Vehicle, proving Europe's ability to return autonomously from space, and LISA Pathfinder, which set out in December to test the technologies needed to detect gravitational waves and, with them, a new way to look at our Universe! But a lot has happened in between... More European astronauts have visited space and more satellites are beefing up Galileo and ESA's Earth Observation programme!

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    Highlights 2016

    Published on Dec 19, 2016

    2016 has been an incredible year for the European Space Agency. With astronauts visiting the ISS, Galileo deployment going at full speed and initial services declared. Or pioneering missions such as ExoMars. ESA is once again proving it is at the forefront of cutting edge technology and that its missions are an enrichment for the whole of humanity.

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    European Space Agency in 2017 - Highlights

    Published on Dec 28, 2017

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    ESA highlights 2018

    Published on Dec 24, 2018

    ESA can look back at a fulfilling year. It has been a year marked by new Earth Observation missions to analyse and protect our planet, in particular the completion of the first wave of Copernicus Sentinel satellites and the launch of Aeolus. Galileo also reached an important milestone - there are now 26 satellites in orbit. Other achievements include the October launch of BepiColombo, the ESA-JAXA mission to study Mercury, and the almost continuous presence of ESA astronauts on the International Space Station.

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