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    How we build soft robotic hearts

    Published on Feb 14, 2018

    Heart In Your Hands invites you to hold a beautifully designed robotic heart beating in time with your own, or of your loved ones, to arouse a deeper appreciation and to inspire empathy toward this hidden engine of our lives.

    Engineer Richard Sewell, artist Natasha Rosling and designer Helen White worked closely with biomedical engineer Dr David Nordsletten to design an intimate experience to stimulate a more fundamental understanding of cardiac mechanics and the engineers that are advancing our understanding of our hearts and heart health.

    The team developed a bespoke method of building soft robotics technology to give the public the experience of what it would be like to hold their own heart beating in their hands.

    In collaboration with Dr David Nordsletten and Biomedical Engineers at King’s College London, Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the British Heart Foundation.

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    AI vs Doctors
    Artificial intelligence is challenging doctors on their home turf. We’re keeping score

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    The virtual human project

    Published on Mar 12, 2018

    The virtual human project has the potential to transform medicine. The project is already helping to reduce the need for animals in drug testing. In the long term, a virtual version of you will be used test treatments, like a crash test dummy, guinea pig and trial volunteer all rolled into one. Your digital doppelgänger could breathe, blister and bleed. It could be dissected, probed and explored in unprecedented detail, helping to work out the treatments that work best for you.

    The film was produced by the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and CompBioMed H2020 Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine, led by University College London.

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    I am AI Docuseries, Episode 3: A New Weapon in the Fight Against Lung Cancer - 12 Sigma Technologies

    Published on Jan 15, 2018

    Episode 3 of "I am AI" docuseries: 12 Sigma Technologies is using deep learning and AI to detect and identify lung cancer nodules earlier and more efficiently.

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    Detecting cancer in real-time with machine learning

    Published on Apr 16, 2018

    Learn more about our research efforts to create a machine learning and augmented reality-powered microscope for real-time detection of cancer, helping to make pathologists more efficient and ultimately to save patient lives.
    "An Augmented Reality Microscope for Cancer Detection"

    by Martin Stumpe
    April 16, 2018

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    “2014-2018: 4 years in the AI/Medtech business” by Yann Fleureau (Data Driven Paris)

    Published on Jun 5, 2018

    Data Driven NYC is a monthly event covering Big Data and data-driven products and startups, hosted by Matt Turck, partner at FirstMark Capital.

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    Robots are making mini human organs with stem cells

    Published on Jun 17, 2018

    When people have severe medical conditions that attack and destroy their organs they are given little to no options for recovery. Kim Horcher and Matt Atchity talk about new-age robotics that are tending to the creation of organoids. Let us know what you think of robots making organs in the comments below!
    "How a robotic system that grows human organoids can help save real live humans"

    by Alan Boyle
    May 17, 2018

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    Article "Faster analysis of medical images"
    Algorithm makes the process of comparing 3-D scans up to 1,000 times faster.

    by Rob Matheson
    June 18, 2018

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    Is AI trying to replace doctors?

    Published on Jun 21, 2018

    Your.MD's CEO Matteo Berlucchi joins the discussion at CogX about how AI is impacting healthcare and pre-primary care.

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    How doctors can help A.I. to revolutionize medicine

    Published on Aug 9, 2018

    Greg Corrado, Co-founder of Google Brain and Principal Scientist at Google, has spent the last decade at the forefront of the A.I. revolution. Greg's vision for how A.I. will help to shape the future of health and medicine is grounded in his experience as a neuroscientist—before he started working on computer neural networks, he was focused on neural networks in the human brain.

    From distilling data insights to improving the decision making process, Greg sees a multitude of ways that A.I. and machine learning can help magnify the healing powers of doctors. In fact, he believes that doctors who embrace A.I. will "see their healing powers expand more than they have in a hundred years." Tune in to Greg's 2017 TEDMED Talk to learn more about the enormous role that A.I. and machine learning will play in the future of health and medicine, and why doctors and other healthcare professionals must play a central role in that revolution.

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