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Thread: FiLIP, smart locator and phone for kids, Filip Technologies Inc., New York, USA

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    FiLIP, smart locator and phone for kids, Filip Technologies Inc., New York, USA

    Manufacturer - Filip Technologies Inc.

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    Introducing FiLIP

    Published on Nov 21, 2013

    When Sten Kirkbak lost his 3-year old son Filip for thirty minutes, it inspired the idea for 'FiLIP': a wearable Smart Locator and Phone for kids designed to keep parents and their young children in touch. Every parent wants their child to have the freedom to explore, discover and just be a kid. Now parents can stay in touch on any adventure.

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    FiLIP 2 Review, Wearable Phone, Smart Locator and Watch For Kids

    Published on Dec 15, 2014

    Today we look at a product that takes some advanced technology and beautifully hides it behind a super simple and easy to use interface. The FiLIP2 allows parents to stay connected with their kids, but still gives kids the space to explore and play.

    It is important to understand that the FiLIP 2 is a phone. This is not a bluetooth device that needs to connect with a phone - the FiLIP2 has it all built-in - phone, GPS, battery, antenna, etc. So far it has worked very well and the user interface is a joy to use.

    Here is more information on the FiLIP 2 -

    FiLIP 2 is the next-generation wearable phone, smart locator and watch for kids ages 4 to 11.

    With FiLIP 2, parents can call, text and locate their child right from their mobile device, allowing children to safely and independently explore, play and grow while staying connected to mom and dad. Whether it's checking to see that your child has made it home from school or sending a text to let him know you're running a few minutes late, FiLIP 2 delivers the extra peace of mind that every parent and child craves.

    Product Features:

    • Voice Calling
    FiLIP 2 is the ONLY wearable phone for kids certified by the FCC. Kids can make and receive calls with up to five parent-set numbers.

    • Smart Locator
    FiLIP 2 uses a blend of GPS, GSM, and WiFi to provide the most accurate location information, indoors and out, so parents can see where their child is at all times.

    • SafeZones
    FiLIP 2 automatically notifies parents through the app when their child enters or leaves a pre-determined SafeZone, like home or school. Parents can set up to five SafeZones for their child.

    • Send Messages
    Parents can send short one-way text messages to their child’s FiLIP 2 to keep in touch without calling.

    • Time and Date
    FiLIP 2 is a watch too and clearly displays the time and date.

    • Intelligent Emergency
    When activated by the child, the FiLIP 2 emergency button triggers an automatic location beacon, ambient sound recording, and calls each of the five contacts until one is connected.

    • Customizable Wristband
    FiLIP 2 comes in Superhero Blue or Watermelon Red and can be worn open or closed in different sizes to fit children as they grow. FiLIP 2 is interchangeable with wristband accessories in Awesome Orange and Limesicle Green.

    FiLIP 2 is $149.99, but there is a launch special of $99. In terms of monthly fees, it is $10 a month for unlimited talk and data from AT&T.

    Disclosure: We received compensation for doing this review, but the review and opinions are my own.

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